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An Instant House Facelift With Window Replacement Phoenix

Updating the look of a home with beautiful new vinyl windows does more than create fantastic curb appeal and envious neighbors. These exciting new additions add comfort to the rooms and lower expensive utility bills. The extraordinary service provided by window replacement Phoenix does not stop with this one product. This experience company can assist with all glass needs outside and inside the home.

Installing these new windows and sliding glass doors does much more for a home or building then make it sparkle. The buyer has many choices including colors, styles and energy efficiency. The window frames can be brilliant white or ebony black and many colors in between. Discriminating buyers can even custom order specified colors in some product lines. Easy opening and closing is just one of the many benefits of new windows and sliders as they glide on perfectly matched frames. Large solid picture windows can be replaced with large panes of glass and side ventilation pieces. Bay windows add style and light; window replacement Phoenix is an expert in all kinds of window installation. Windows allow the summer heat and winter cold to infiltrate a building. R value measures the rate heat is transfered through the panes of glass. The higher the R factor, the more insulating quality the product has. A single pane of glass has an R factor of .9; a double pane of glass with a half inch air gap has an R factor of 2. A gas filled double pane window increases the R value to 2.99 while a triple pane window with a half inch air gap jumps to 3.2. Higher R values mean more comfort and lower utility bills.

The wonderful services of window repair Phoenix extend to glass repair. Dedicated to making life easy for homeowners and business owners, mobile glass technicians quickly respond to requests for help usually the same day. They analyze the problem, accurately measure for replacement glass, prepare a written estimate and quickly obtain the necessary materials with the owner’s approval. People who use the services of this company are guaranteed the repair is done correctly with the right materials.

In addition replacement windows Phoenix can handle all the glass needs inside the home. One of the many specialized services offered is assistance in bathroom renovations and frameless showers. It is easy for this experienced company to help with the design and install the space enlarging frameless showers. The company offers thousands of shower and tub enclosures, custom-designed mirrors, architectural glass and glass shelving to homes or businesses. Replacing broken tabletop glass is easy; it just takes a telephone call to this specialist.

Whatever the glass need is, new windows installed, broken windows replaced, specialty mirrors located and installed, tub enclosure ordered and installed or frameless shower enclosures custom designed and installed, window replacement Phoenix can do it all. This experience, professional company knows the products in this industry and how to install them the right way. Even more important they make the lives of homeowners and business owners easy with fast, knowledgeable mobile response and superior service.

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